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Posted by Mary Lewis on January 22, 2012

Stroller Reviews – Top Recommendations and Wish List for Gift Registry

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Let’s go through the Stroller Reviews and take a look at the top 3 recommendations.  I really wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you really put this information below to use and please remember to share the Stroller Reviews  site with your family and friends who are also looking to get a stroller.

Stroller Reviews – Number 1 Pick – UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

If you are looking for the best stroller out there, reading stroller reviews will always somehow lead you to the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller. This model is pretty much the Lexus or Mercedes of the stroller world and will no way let you down. Stroller reviews on Amazon rate the UPPA Vista 4.5 out of 5 stars and it comes in the top of all stroller picks online. This was the model that topped my stroller wish list and ended up being the one I got at my baby shower from my family icon smile Stroller Reviews Updated I have many friends and family that have since also invested in the UPPAbaby brand and they have been really pleased with how durable, smooth and ergonomic this stroller is. They also love how it reclines in 4 ways.

The great thing about the UPPAbaby Vista is that it has all the features of an off-road stroller but the functionality of a traditional stroller as well. Also it is great for tall people because the handles are long enough even for my husband who is 6’5”. I am also tall myself and I loved how this stroller had a curved bar on the bottom so I wouldn’t be kicking the stroller with my long legs as I walked. Other comments in stroller reviews include that this model is

The UPPAbaby Vista stroller reviews also have great features including:

  • It is eco friendly made of organic cotton and soybean material
  • It has great weather protection with a canopy and rain-zip attachment
  • The seat can adjust to be either forward or rear facing
  • It has a sturdy frame that is lightweight aluminum
  • The wheels are large and make it much smoother on rougher terrain such as grass, bricks and gravel.
  • It has shock absorbing suspension also leading to a smoother ride
  • It has a bug carrying basket to put all of the baby stuff in
  • It comes in many different colours including turquoise, beige, green and red.
  • You can also buy a car seat attachment

If you think this is the stroller for you, it is easily available online from Amazon which ships for free to anywhere in the States. Amazon always has great prices because they buy directly. They also have  great stroller reviews which give you even more details about the products you are looking to buy. I highly recommend Amazon because I have bought so many things from them and have never had a problem, ever!

Stroller Reviews – Number 2 Pick – Britax B-Ready Stroller

This was the second pick on my stroller reviews wish list because like the UPPAbaby Vista, the Britax B-Ready got amazing reviews online and has the similar great features. It also is slightly more affordable than the UPPAbaby.This stroller features a reversible seat that reclines in 3 positions, ample carrying space, a large canopy and ventilation window with great safety and comfort features as well as convenience features such as brake pedal and ergonomic handles. If you look online, there is a picture that shows how the Britax B-Ready can convert into 14 different configurations including both front facing and rear facing functions as well as the ability to add multiple seats and bassonets. You can also purchase a car seat adapter for this stroller so there is no need for buying a car seat! Also, this stroller folds really nicely into a compact shape.

Stroller reviews for the Britax B-Ready are raving! Customers love the huge sun canopy, magnetic peek-a-boo window (so as not to wake baby with Velcro noise), reclining seats, ability to add multiple seats, handle bar ergonomics, storage basket and manoverability. This stroller handles like a jogger but is classified by stroller reviews as more of a traditional model due to the small front wheels. The only complaint is that very tall or large babies may have difficulty fitting into the straps however this seems to be that the customers do not know how to adjust the straps properly.

This Britax B-Ready is also available for a really good deal on which also has tons of stroller reviews by actual customers. This is a great stroller for a first time mom who is planning on having multiple children within a relatively short period of time. Click here to get the Britax B-Ready:

Stroller Reviews – Number 3 Pick – Kolcraft Contours Lite

I have added this stroller as the number 3 pick for those mothers out there who are looking for an extremely lightweight, easy to travel with stroller. Stroller reviews for the Kolcraft light are the best out there for a lightweight stroller. It got 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon by actual customers who use the stroller. I am actually about to purchase this model for travelling as Jonathan nears age 1. It weighs less than 18 pounds and folds up really small. Also, it has a big storage basket and a snack tray.

According to stroller reviews as well as input from a few community friends who have the Kolcraft, the wingle wheels make this stroller manoever really well and the spring loaded suspension provides a nice smooth ride. Also, it folds with only one hand making it extremely quick and easy to set up and go. Also, the seat can recline and can be arranged in multiple positions. The tangerine colour is super-stylish and is a great unisex colour. This stroller reminds me of a sports mama, running with baby in yoga pants kind of thing. I can’t wait to get mine! The best thing about this stroller though – THE PRICE! It is extremely affordable which makes it a great supplementary stroller i.e. For travelling etc. This stroller is available from Amazon as well and ships quickly for free! This would make a great second addition to your wish list along with either of the strollers above!

 Stroller Reviews 2012

New stroller models and stroller reviews are always being created and released. As I am an avid baby product reviewer, I will continue to keep the Stroller Reviews Wish List up to date with the years latest models. At Stroller Reviews, I am committed to providing you with the best, up to date information about the strollers out there on the market.

Stroller Reviews Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my Stroller Reviews Wish List and I can’t wait for you to find the perfect stroller both for you and baby! Remember, a stroller should be comfortable for baby and easy to use for you and should have great features that make the stroller grow with baby and that generally make your life easier! After all, we are such busy moms!

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