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Posted by Mary Lewis on January 12, 2012

Stroller Reviews – How to Choose the Right Stroller?

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Just picture for a second if you had not read up on Stroller Reviews :  It’s a perfect day with perfect weather, a perfect baby, perfect outfit, perfect shoes for walking, but wait the stroller is breaking.. its falling down, its too low and your back hurts! Ok, something is definitely wrong with this picture and I am going to help you achieve your perfect day through my Stroller Reviews site.

Finding the best stroller both for you and your baby will definitely make your life that much more comfortable. A stroller that lacks function, durability and ergonomics is pretty much useless to us as mothers. Finding the perfect stroller does take some time and research. But alas, that’s where I come in… with the Stroller Reviews blog.

Stroller Reviews – A Momma’s Story

I am one woman of a family of 5 girls, yes thats right, all women, and all within 10 years of age of each other. Being that we all started having children around the same time, we laughed about the prospect of all of us moms sharing strollers, reviewing baby stuff and becoming experts in the field of baby and momma products. Lo and behold, here I am now offering advice on one of the most critical piece of baby equipment out there – the stroller.

Before the birth of my first son Jonathan, I began to research online all of the latest and greatest in the world of baby products. Like you are most likely feeling right now, I was overwhelmed by the number of makes and models, especially when it comes to strollers. Stroller reviews were a great help because they list all the pros and cons of each stroller and helped me make my decision in the end.

Knowing that the stroller is one baby item that is usually bought by a family member as a gift, I found it critical to look up the best models and create a stroller “Wish List” based on stroller reviews and ratings and my own wants and needs. This I emailed around to my friends and family as part of my gift registry and later was overjoyed to see that my number one pick was my number one gift at Jonathan’s baby shower!

This “Stroller Reviews Wish List” soon became highly sought-after in the greater “Mommy community” – and thus the creation of the more detailed Stroller Reviews blog.

Stroller Reviews – What to Look for in Stroller Reviews and Stroller Models

Before I make my recommendations, I think it is crucial that you learn what you should be looking for in stroller products and what to look out for when looking at stroller reviews. This will help you understand why you are making the decision to buy one of my Stroller Reviews Wish List recommendations – as these are by far the most popular, functional, durable, beautiful and comfortable strollers on the market right now.

If you want to skip to my recommendations for the Stroller Reviews Wish List, scroll down!

Here are my Stroller Reviews tips for choosing the best stroller:

1.Easy Peasy Pudding Pie:

Look for stroller reviews that claim the stroller is very easy to put together, fold up, store, convert into other forms, and carry up and down stairs. If you know you are going to receive the stroller as a gift, it is best to read unbiased stroller reviews of how others comment on the ease of use. Also, many models are hard to access in stores so online stroller reviews really help in this regard.


Newborns cannot hold their heads and necks up on their own. These muscles are not developed yet and this can be safety issue if infants are left in a sitting up position for a long period of time. If you have a newborn stroller, look for strollers that recline, are flat, or have headhuggers at least to support the baby’s head and neck. Also, newborns are more sensitive to temperature changes so an umbrella top or shield is good for shade in the summer or keeping in the warmth in the winter. After 6 months of

3.Detach and Go:

Going along with the newborn theme, my top stroller reviews strollers have the detach and go function. If your baby falls asleep in the car seat, you need simply to remove the carrier from the car and plop it onto the stroller frame. That way your baby doesn’t wake up!

4.Sweat the Small Things:

These really separate the good stroller reviews from the AMAZING stroller reviews. If the reviews list pros such as cup-holders, large baskets or bags, sun shields, etc. Look for features that appeal to your personal needs.


First, make sure the stroller can fold up and fit into your trunk. Also, make sure that it is light-weight enough for you to manage (e.g. If you are frailer, you may want a lighter model). Lighter models are easier to push and to steer but often lack some of the functional features.

6.Save your Back:

Look for a stroller with adjustable handles which will match any height of person. This is important because most likely you will not be the only person pushing your baby at some point. What about Daddy? Grandma? Siblings? Babysitters? An adjustable frame allows the stroller to be ergonomic for anyone using it. Look for stroller reviews that emphasize comfortable handles and pushing position.


There are several models which are meant for “off-road” use such as pathways, trails, grass or while running. These are joggers and all-terrain strollers. These strollers have suspension and air-filled tires which cushion bumps for baby. These strollers are also great for turning quickly and crowded areas such as festivals, the mall, the beach boardwalk etc. Personally, I have a conventional stroller and a 3-wheeled jogger model for my son as I found both to be very handy in different situations. Stroller reviews rave about off-road strollers and complement the manufacturers on finally making lightweight and easy to manoeuvre strollers.

8.Its All About Safety:

This is probably the greatest priority of items on this stroller reviews list. Firstly, babies should never be left unattended in a stroller. Stroller reviews usually will mention the safety features of the stroller. The best strollers have a 5-point harness which prevent the baby from slipping down and reduces the risk of them entangling themselves. Ever seen a tantruming kid start sliding down into their safety belt? Doesn’t look too safe now does it.


What’s a baby without its style. There are many strollers now a days with sleek, modern designs. Celebrities often have these types of models which not only have great function, but look great when you are using it. I also suggest getting a stroller with gender neutral colours, especially if you are planning on having multiple children.

10.Is it a Stroller Lemon?

Lastly, look for strollers which have money back guarantees or warranties. This information is often given either in the stroller reviews or in the product information itself. You don’t want to be stuck with a model that is defective or not useable for you.

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